THIRTY RICH- Let's Jet Read.

Thirty Rich is my new book. Perhaps it offers a way modern fiction readers can use valuable and scarce free time to enjoy short fiction tales...

ILet me teach you to jet read. It does not involve reading faster. You absorb much faster because the stories are short. Awesome and short.

This is the way to read fiction for 2020 and beyond. This is original and short fiction at its finest.

The best thing about a book like this is very basic: Go to table of contents and find the kind or variety of tale that suits your mood at that time.

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Let's get this book into your hands. Write a check. Use PayPal. If you simply cannot pay email me below.

Here are some key words that reveal a bit about what to expect:

Americana, mystery and suspense, karmic justice, living in space, the conundrums of love and romance, Living and loving in Louisiana, no cloning around, how things might have been

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Thanks for reading my free story. Please tell me if you thought it was refreshing and different. On this next page is CONTACT me. I have many other great, short tales ready for you. Although they won't be purely free, you will be in the best possible position.

NAME YOUR PRICE for the story you choose. When you get the hard copy (printed) you can send me your personal check. Here are the stories available for your personal consumpton:

1. Play Toys. An accurate portrayal of how four people are harmed both physically and psychologically in the next Korean War.

2. Give a Greek a Gun. What would the Ancient Spartans and Greeks around the time of Leonidas do if they had the chance to possess guns similar to modern weapons?

3. Old Farts Marriage Parlor.  Very real people, older than you might imagine, have to worry about what to do with the younger, very annoying generation, their very own children worse than leeches.

4. Prodigious.  Characters caught up in the first, possible action of human cloning. Is it bad, good, dangerous? Is it ethical for one person to make his billions, even while doing good for  the common man?



You want more? I've got the stories.

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